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Teflon Grinding Wheels

Besides the maximum cutting capacity and long life, the Teflon core recess cutters are made to lighten the tool and lessen the vibrations and stresses of the machinery on the material. They are available with several diameters ad thickness; we manufacture also cutters to measure according to the customer’s technical specifications.

Bullnose Profiling Wheels

These wheels are manufactured according to the profile required by the customer. They are available with different thickness, diameters, with standard or super light Teflon body.

Tools for CNC machines

Diamond tools available in different sizes and specifications for CNC machines.

Grinding Cups

Grinding diamond cups for dry grinding available also with different grains and shapes according to their use.

Various Milling Cutter

Cutters for numerical control or manual control machines, wide range of standard products or of products manufactured to customer’s drawing. Metal alloy and granulometry of the diamond specifically configured according to the application.

Diamond Finger Bits

Wide range of finger bits specific for the different materials to be worked. The perfect cutting and the long life are the main features of these tools.

Diamond Drill Bits

Wide range of continuous rim or segmented drill brits with different diameters and heights. They are configured according to the material to be worked and to the working parameters.