Italdiamant is specialized in the production of fickerts with 130 mm. or 170 mm., frankfurts and pads, designed specifically to equip all types of machinery from the largest grain sizes to fine grain ones.
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Trapezoidal Plate Fickerts

Fickerts available in diameters 130 and 170 mm. For a high-quality polishing.

Segmented Fickerts

Segmented Fickerts available in the 130, 140 and 170 mm. length. They are the best solution for those aiming to achieve an optimum preparation of the slab at a cheap price per square meter.

Fickerts Rombi Series

Fickerts available in diameters 130 and 170 mm. Tested for several years on our customers. The Rombi Series is recommended to get the excellent finishing of the surfaces.

Frankfurt Rombi Series

New generation of diamond frankfurts, personalized shapes and sizes ensure the highest quality in calibrating and polishing granite.

Diamond Pads

Special diamond Pads available in different grit and shape.