Squaring and Chamfering

Italdiamant produces squaring wheels and discs for facing that work at the same speed of progress as the production plant and ensure finishing of the highest quality. It also produces squaring wheels with particular profiles that can not only square but also bevel or chamfer the slab.
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Squaring Wheels Ø 406 mm.

Squaring wheels for the plants that produce engineered stone and quartz.

Edge Trimming Wheels

Squaring wheels for the edge trimming of the engineered stone and quartz.

Squaring Wheels with Chamfer

Squaring wheels with chamfering machine for trimming the edges of engineered stones and quartz slabs. These tools may be configured with different diameters, degrees of inclination of the chambering side, diamond allow and granulometry. The high degree of customization makes this tool unique in its application.