Italdiamant produces all of its discs for automatic machines or work centres in Italy, subjecting them to tests that guarantee their reliability and consistency. The different lines and ranges of products are specifically for work with engineered stone and quartz. This means that they guarantee quality and speed in cutting.
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Cutting Blades for Engineered Stone

Cutting blades available both silent and normal body, different metal bond also personalize to the customer require.

Cutting Blades Twin

The Twin bladess are made to satisfy the most demanding customers’ requests in terms of cutting speed and life. They are available with standard or silent core, with height ranging from 10 - 12 - 15 - 20 mm. They may be also manufactured upon specific customer’s specifications.

Tower Cutting Blades

Specific diamond blades for high speed working with perfect finishing. The shape of the segment and the dedicated alloy make this product one of the most aggressive in the sector. Available with heights ranging from 10 - 12 - 15 mm.

Falcon Cutting Blades

Falcon series has been designed to meet the request of a flexible product adaptable to the working of more materials. From the hardest granite to the quartz engineered stone its clean cut and long life are the main features captivating the customers. The very good quality/price ratio and the possibility to set it up with heights ranging from 10 - 12 - 15 to 20 mm increase its fields of application. The narrow slot silent or standard core offers a better finish of the cutting. Besides, Italdiamant offers also the laser welding that allows a greater safety while working, also in case of a lack of water.