Calibrating makes it possible to obtain a rough surface that is at the same time homogenous and flat: these are essential characteristics for the subsequent smoothing of ceramic and porcelain stoneware. For many years Italdiamant has been producing cylindrical rollers and satellites for homogeneous, long lasting flattening: spiral rollers with 3, 5, 8, or 10 spirals, standard solution, or with the “Paccodisk” system for more cutting power, and metallic satellites with resin for perfect finishing.
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Spiral Rollers

Helicoidal (spiral) diamond rollers with 5, 7, 8, 10 spires adaptable to any existing plant. Granulometry and metal alloy may be configured according to the customer’s request.

Calibrating Rollers Continuous Rim

Calibrating rollers continuous rim for ceramic and porcelain gres. Available in different granulometries and the possibility to personalize its according to the customer.

Paccodisk Rollers for Porcelain Gres

The rollers with "Paccodisk" system for calibrating ceramics and porcelain stoneware are the best solution to achieve the maximum cutting capacity of the material with an even surface and long life. They are available with several diameters and lengths and they may be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Calibrating Conical Rollers

Calibrating conical rollers for ceramic and porcelai gres. The tools can be produced to designs by the client who can send their own model and receive a personalized estimate, with all the technical specifications.

Cylindrical Diamond Rollers with Resin

Cylindrical diamond rollers with resin for calibrating ceramic and porcelain stoneware. The knowledge of the materials, the constant research and a consolidated experience allow Italdiamant to manufacture diamond rollers with different technologies, by combining the metal abrasive part with the resin one. This combination of different components grant a particularly even finish of the materials by retaining the maximum cutting capacity.